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The Story of Rifugio Viola

The story of Rifugio Viola

A hiker visiting Rifugio Viola will surely notice the strange and atypical form of the hut. The reason for this structure comes from history: in the past it has been a military fortress built for the Finance Police, a few years before the First World War.

During World War I it had only a monitoring and border control role with neighboring Switzerland, but the fortress never took an active part in the war.

The house has maintained this role since the 1950s. After that, it was abandoned and soon became home to hunters and shepherds. The owner was nobody, so unfortunately a lot of vandalism has been done in these years.

Marco Fraquelli was a mountain lover and a regular hiker of the valley and he soon understood the importance that the area could have for tourism. In 1972 he bought the ruin and with the help and efforts of his family changed the role of the fortress in a mountain hut, which we now call Rifugio Viola.


Italian hut bombed by mistake at 2000 meters

It was the 6th November 1985 and Marco Fraquelli and his son Aldo were doing some usual works at Rifugio Viola when they heard a strange hiss similar to a plane crossing the sky at a low altitude.

They didn’t pay lot of attention to the situation because it seemed to be nothing strange. But the hiss was becoming closer and closer. When they went out of the hut they soon understood what was happening.

The Swiss militaries were doing some exercises in Val di Campo, a bit beyond Viola Pass, but they took the wrong trajectory and bombed by mistake the Val Viola, instead of the Swiss territory.

24 mortar shot had been launched by mistake in Italy.

Immediately Marco and his son Aldo contacted the police to let them know what was happening in Val Viola. Luckily just them were there in the valley and no one has been hurt. Below some pictures of the main journals speaking about the fact (with bad consequences in tourism for years!).

curiosità del rifugio viola



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